The Seven Core Requirements of Successful IT Continuity Planning

Your company could be skating on thin ice if it doesn’t have a detailed plan for how it will get its business-critical systems and applications back online after a downtime-causing event. Experts agree, it is only by creating a thorough IT continuity plan—and then rigorously testing and maintaining that plan—that an organization can reliably and rapidly recover its mission-critical systems after a disaster and get back to business.

Download this important white paper and learn the seven critical requirements every organization must know in order to implement a successful IT continuity-planning program.

This in-depth paper will give you a solid overview on how to:

  • Assemble a continuity planning team
  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Conduct a business impact analysis
  • Define and implement mitigation strategies
  • Write a continuity plan
  • Test the continuity plan
  • Maintain the continuity plan
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